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IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships 2024

Professor Luan and coach Luca took a brief break from teaching at Veras Academy Luxembourg to travel to the USA with their father, Luxembourg's national karate coach, Raphael Veras.

Whilst there, both participated in the IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Champions 2024 in Florida. Although professor Luan sadly wasn't successful at this competition, he was able to coach his brother to success. Coach Luca was able to triumphantly win a gold medal in his GI category and secured a silver medal in the juvenile blue belt OPEN WEIGHT, after a few tough rounds.

Both Luan and Luca return to Luxembourg having done Veras Academy LUX and MG Luxembourg proud and hungry to face the next challenge... Congratulations to both Professor Luan and coach Luca!

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