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Instructional videos coming soon…

Veras Academy LUX is proud to announce that instructional videos are coming soon…

These instructional videos allow members to access drills already covered in class to help improve Jiu-jitsu skills, utilising techniques to target specific areas of your training. We have broken down these videos into four different stages:

  1. Fundamentals

  2. Beginners

  3. All levels / Intermediate

  4. Advanced / Pro

Make sure you keep checking the website & our social media for more details…

We understand how important it is for our members to be able to access training techniques and drills for them to be able to improve their performance as martial artists, and these videos are the perfect way for us to help them progress - whether they are a beginner or a serious competitor. They have been designed specifically to allow them to access techniques and helps reinforce specific drills - Professor Luan

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