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Terms and Conditons

 Some classes/events may be excluded from memberships. Unless otherwise noted, memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership. Members who experience any failed membership payments will be liable to pay for the fees incurred by our Direct Debit handlers and an invoice will be issued to the member to cover such expenses.

Membership freezes will only be allowed in exceptional medical circumstances (this means significant illness and significant injury) that prevents you from accessing Veras Academy Luxembourg classes and facilities. Requests must be put into writing by emailing
For your membership freeze to be valid, Veras Academy Luxembourg require a medical note that clearly states the reason for your inability to attend sessions and access the facilities, including the dates / time frame that you will be absent for. Veras Academy Luxembourg reserve the right to decline any member's request for a membership freeze. Membership freezes will not be authorised for holidays, minor sickness / injuries that are not deemed as significant, or for any other reason that will prevent a member from accessing their membership. In the event that a membership freeze request is declined, membership payments will continue to be taken by our Direct Debit handlers as agreed to by the member upon signing up for the membership. Membership freezes cannot exceed a 3 month period. Following the expiry of the membership freeze period, membership payments will automatically be reinstated and fees collected as per normal. If you wish for your membership freeze to end early, please do so in writing by emailing

Veras Academy Luxembourg retains the right to refuse membership or participation in any class or program. Reasons for refusing membership and/or participation are rare but can occur for the following reasons (This list is not exhaustive. The owner or head instructor will only make a decision of refusal for participation at that time):

1.    Not adhering to our terms and conditions, policies and guidance, detrimental, abusive, derogatory, defamatory, or abusive behaviour, excessive foul language, use if excessive force or violence, purposefully seeking to injure another member or staff member, consistently running late for class and/or refusal to utilize the correct booking procedures, disrupting the positive experience of other members, poor personal hygiene, bullying or harassment, sexual misconduct. Membership may also be refused and/or terminated immediately should members frequent the academy under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2.    When given reasonable opportunity to do so, members who fail to make an agreed membership payment will have their membership forfeited and any privileges/credit earned to that point.

3.    Annual memberships are to be paid in advance. Upon completion of the annual term, members will be allowed to renew their memberships annually or revert to a monthly membership scheme.

4.    Offers and incentives made by Veras Academy Luxembourg at the commencement of new memberships will only be offered to new members. Should members cancel their membership, they forego their right to future offers upon reestablishing their membership.

5.    All new members must agree to a membership agreement, including but not limited to the Veras Academy Luxembourg waiver.

6.    Annual memberships cannot be cancelled within the annual membership timeframe. Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any point but must adhere to the required notice period which must be logged on TeamUp account or membership payment will continue to be taken. A 2-month notice period must be given for all cancellations. If you do not comply with your payment obligation after given notice of default, you will be in default. As of that moment, we are able to outsource the claim. We will also have the right to terminate the Contract at the end of the contractual term. At the end of the contractual term you will have to pay all membership fees payable over the duration of the Contract.

7.    Members must cancel their direct debit with their bank at the end of the notification period for the cancellation of membership with Veras Academy Luxembourg.

8.    Veras Academy Luxembourg reserves the right to cancel any membership without notice and seek to recover missed payments should a direct debit be cancelled before the notice period.

Seminars & Special Events:

1.    Veras Academy Luxembourg offers seminars and social events for the benefit and enjoyment of its members. Unless otherwise stated, all members are welcome to attend. Events included but are not limited to: summer and Christmas gatherings, promotion events and club anniversaries/celebrations.

2.    Priority for attending seminars and events will be given to full members. Tickets must be paid for in full no less than seven days prior to any seminar or event.


1.    All Veras Academy Luxembourg members and visitors  must wear a WHITE GI/uniform with Veras Academy Luxembourg rashguard when attending class. All Veras Academy Luxembourg members and visitors must wear Veras Academy Luxembourg rashguard and training shorts for no-GI training. Veras Academy Luxembourg has the right to refuse members access to classes and/or training facilities if members do not adhere to the uniform policy.

2.    Veras Academy Luxembourg uniform and equipment is available for purchase directly from Veras Academy Luxembourg.

Code of Conduct for members:

1.    All members must maintain a high level of personal hygiene, including but not limited to having short, clean nails, a freshly washed and clean uniform (regardless of the discipline of martial arts class a member is participating in).

2.    Remain off of the mats unless otherwise instructed to by an instructor or coach.

3.    No outdoor shoes to be worn on the mats for hygiene purposes.

4.    All members are expected to remain respectful of one another at all times.

Code of Conduct of Parents:

1.    Encourage and support your child in their development.

2.    Remain off of the mats unless otherwise instructed by an instructor or coach.

3.    Refrain from discussing other people’s children and their strengths and/or weaknesses.

4.    Support your child by allowing our coaches and instructors to do their job adequately. Refrain from contradicting or interfering in class instruction. Should you have any questions or feedback please feel free to speak with us after the class has finished.

5.    Veras Academy Luxembourg retains the right to revoke and/or cancel any membership linked to a parent who consistently displays the aforementioned traits and/or disrupts the positive learning environment for our Veras Academy Luxembourg members.

•    Contact Us:

4-6 Avenue de la Gare, Boulevard de la Petrusse, L-1610, Luxembourg

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