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IBJJF Fall International Open 2023, Dublin

On Friday 1st December, Team Veras Academy LUX travelled to Dublin, Ireland where it saw coaches Luan, Liam, Luca and Rafael successfully compete at the IBJJF Fall International Open.

Veras Academy's Rafael dominated his round with a 7 x 0 win over his opponent, winning himself a gold medal and a well earned place on the podium.

Both coaches Luan and Liam won gold medals in both their respective GI and no GI categories, showcasing their skills and abilities against some of Europeans finest BJJ athletes and securing their place as elite athletes.

Coach Luca put on an impressive performance, securing himself not just one gold medal, but three and one silver across his categories.

Coach Luan reflected over his and his team's successes over the weekend "although myself and my brothers are well known within the BJJ competition circuit, the fact that our academy, although still relatively a baby compared to some of these other teams, can bring a small team of competitors and secure our places on the podium is evident of the passion and the enthusiasm we as a team have. We continue to build, grow and support our members to the best of our ability and I am exceptionally proud of them!"

The weekend was not only a success for the medalists, but was especially notable for coach Liam - who was awarded his purple belt by big brother and Veras Academy LUX's head coach, Luan.

Coach Liam said "I am at home on the tatami, it's in my blood and it's always an honour for me to represent my family. I hope I have done Veras Academy Luxembourg proud. Thank you to my brothers, my dad for always pushing me and to my master - Professor Gigueto"

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