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IBJJF European NO GI Championship 2023

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

After a tough week for coaches Liam and Luca, coach Luan flew to Rome, Italy to compete alongside his brothers this weekend at the IBJJF European NO GI Championship.

All three coaches will be returning to Luxembourg as European NO GI medalists and although not everything went according to plan - each competed with the passion that they share with their students on the tatami at Veras Academy LUX!

Coach Luan narrowly missed out on moving beyond the semifinals and secured a BRONZE medal, coach Liam battled his way to a BRONZE medal despite a shoulder injury and coach Luca brings home the GOLD.

Coach Luan said "unfortunately I lost in the semifinals today. It was a tough pill to swallow but I would like to thank my brothers and friends who were there the whole time supporting me and to my team at Veras Academy LUX for all of the support.

This is our life - we train, we teach and we compete. Martial arts is in our blood and we're here to fight. Without the right support, it would be impossible for myself or my brothers to be who we are"

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